Mr Don M Ho, FCA (Singapore) has over 30 years of experience in public practice as an approved company auditor and liquidator. It is relevant that a good liquidator (Public Accountant) should be well acquainted with the Accounting and Auditing Standards when dealing with the relevant Government regulators such as IPTO, ACRA, IRAS, CPF, CAD, AG Chambers and Ministries of Law and Finance.


In his span of experience from the 1970s to-date, Mr Ho has been involved in numerous Court Winding Up, Corporate Restructuring, Creditors' Voluntary Winding Up, and Members' Voluntary Winding Up. Other forms of insolvency practices which Mr Ho has been appointed consisted of Judicial Management, Receiverships, Scheme of Arrangements, Corporate Valuations, Forensic Investigations for irregularities, contraventions, undervalue transactions and clawbacks.

He has a wide experience as the Liquidator of companies in various local and overseas industries including but not limited to travel, oil & gas, manufacturing, property, investment holding, electronics, engineering, construction, manpower, food & beverage, transportation (super sports cars dealership), (STC Bus Co) tire manufacturing (Bridgestone Singapore), pawnshops, and many more.

The type of companies for which Mr Ho has been appointed range from public companies involving more than 5,000 shareholders to small and medium enterprises. In the course of his work, Mr Ho has dealt with companies with different asset classes, i.e. inventory, properties, equities, intellectual properties, receivables, some of which have asset values in excess of S$10m to S$50m.

Mr Ho has the wide experience, integrity and competence to carry out the assignments to the clients' and the Court's satisfaction (as an officer of the Court if appointed in that capacity). As a Public Accountant and approved Liquidator, Mr Don Ho is qualified to act as a Scheme Manager, Receiver and Manager, Judicial Manager, Liquidator and trustee in bankruptcy. He has also been involved as a contributing member under the Proposed Omnibus Insolvency Law Review Committee under the Insolvency & Public Trustees Office, the Singapore Law Reform Committee, as well as part of the Government Study Group representing ICPAS to Australia, Washington and London regarding Bankruptcy and Liquidation. 

Some of the positions he has held in the past include:

1. Insolvency Practitioners Association of Singapore                  - Chairman

2. Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore           - Council Member & Ethics Committee

3. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (Singapore) - President

4. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (UK)              - Council Member

5. Children's Aid Society                                                                 - Executive Council Member

He is backed by a core team of CPAs, MBAs and trained personnel who are resourceful problem-solvers driven by passion for getting the job done.

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