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1. Members' Voluntary Liquidation ("MVL")

a) Foreign and Public Companies:

Company Name
  • Carats Limited incorporated in Bermuda Islands
Appointed as Liquidator to realize the assets and make distribution to 1,222 shareholders of the company.
  • Arrow Asia Holdings Ltd. incorporated in Cayman Islands
Appointed as Liquidator to realize the assets and make distribution to 98 shareholders of the company.
  • Ness Display Holdings Ltd incorporated in Cayman Islands
Appointed as Liquidator to realize the assets and recovery from debtor in South Korea and make distribution to creditors of the company

b) Local companies:

Company Name
  • Japan Land Limited (Public Company, delisted)
 Liquidation of an investment holding and property development company
  • Special purpose vehicles of listed companies like Boustead Singapore and City Developments.
Involved in site development of condominium and purpose built factories
  • Kwang Hua Seng Pte. Ltd.
Trading in textiles and property ownership
  • Other MVL numbering about 100 and more
Involved in the businesses of food processing, restaurants, manufacturing, trading, engineering, jewelry, publishing etc.

2. Creditors' Voluntary Liquidation ("CVL")

Company Name
  • Goldin Enterprise Private Limited.
Involving about 200 foreign workers working for a key manpower supplier in the key infrastructure sectors of Singapore Airport and seaports. Transfer of foreign workers without disruption and resolution of workers claims.
  • Visa Engineering Pte Ltd
Involving a construction company with ongoing projects with several government agencies as well as private sector projects. Concerns raised in relation to the segregation of funds pledged to the bank.
  • Ness Display Singapore Pte Ltd
Involving an OLED manufacturer. Complicated machine and equipment involving technical rights.
  • Polirner Chemical (S) Pte Ltd
Involving trust receipts from 3 banks and realization of machinery in China.
  • Distexpress (S) Pte Ltd
The inventory of a major distributor of iPhone cases and accessories with logistics problems of warehousing, removal and sale.

 3. Court Winding Up ("CWL")

Company Name
  • Aalborg Industries Water Treatment Pte Ltd
Involves disputing shareholders, valuation and sale of intellectual property. Creditors were eventually paid 100%.
  • Blue Dolphin
Insolvent Company arising out of exchange control in Nigeria affecting Sindi creditors in Singapore, London and Hong Kong. Negotiations were complicated and at times emotional.
  • Desaru Resorts
Appointed as Provisional Liquidator in British Virgin Island for the Desaru project. Involving about two billion Malaysian Ringgit (in the 80s). Politically sensitive and finally resolved without being acrimonious.
  • HSS Engineering Pte Ltd
Involving disputing shareholders, sale of shares and possible stay of winding up  order and complications on sale of Company involving property license.
  • Ananda Travel (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Involving group of travel agencies in the region, intercompany receivables, debtors, claims from the public for unconsumed travel packages. Restructuring of a tourist attraction.
  • Hua Ann Brothers Pte Ltd
Litigation in Court where the patriarch of the family had to be removed, tax issues on capital gain and internal disputes of family member.
  • Brandz Group Ltd
Investigations into alleged fraud by directors involving about 67 investors.
  • W&P Piling Pte Ltd
Involving sale of machinery and equipment.
Litigation in Court against Director Chew and others for breach of fiduciary duties and claim made.
  • Kian Seng Lee Food Manufacturers Pte Ltd
Involving recoveries of debts from many retailers of cakes, pastry and kueh. Finally, resolved by sale of property in a structured deal.
  • Development Management Pte Ltd
Involving disputing shareholders, minority oppression and sale of overseas assets and distribution.
  • Heap Lee Heng Contractors and Woodwork Co Pte Ltd
Involving family disputes, realisation of assets and distribution to shareholders.
  • Premiere Visione Resources Inc. Private Limited
Involving investigations into the affairs of the Company and disputing shareholders, resulting in successful clawbacks for creditors
  • Four Seas Construction Co Pte Ltd
Completion of work in progress, certification, retention sums, projects completion before final distribution to creditors.
  • BBR Ground Engineering Pte Ltd
Involving realization of assets and distribution.
  • City Securities Pte Ltd
Litigation in Court involving Letters of Hypothecation on the determination on whether the charges constituted floating or fixed charges involving about 50 banks in the 1980s.
  • Oslo Finans AS
Investigation on undue preference.
  • Shaw Theatres Pte Ltd
Definition of associates and related parties clarified as a result of litigation in Court regarding undue preference.
This case is cited in Walter Woon's Law Book.
  • Joo Yee Construction
Nominated sub-contractor was not given priority to claim against main contractor in liquidation. Singapore construction law was changed after this case.
  • Jackson Piling & Civil Engineering Pte Ltd
Construction related issue of retention sum, work in progress and completion.
  • Comfort Piling
Construction related issue of retention sum, work in progress and completion.
  • Leong Seng Hin Piling Pte Ltd
Investigation on fraudulent and insolvent trading and undue preference payments.
  • Theme Corp Pte Ltd
Investigation on undervalue transaction.

4. Judicial Management ("JM")

Company Name
  • Union Aluminum
Fabrications of aluminum claddings for developers
  • Wu Sang Engineering
Air-conditioning and Engineering
  • Winhouse Construction
Major HDB contractor involved in low cost housing
  • T4 Construction Pte Ltd
  • Theme Corp Pte Ltd
  • Moreton Logistics Pte Ltd
Logistics management of warehouse
  • Food Palace
Food court management and operations

5. Receivership : Court Appointed / Appointed by Debentures

Company Name
  • Roberto Building Materials Pte Ltd
Mainly tiles and building materials
  • G T Printing
  • Wales Seafood Food
Seafood processing in Jurong
  • Far Eastern Publishing & Printing
Publications of periodicals and educational books
  • TQC Far East Machinery
  • Lucky Island Transport
Transport business in haulage. Dispute between shareholders
  • Winhouse Construction
Transport business in haulage. Dispute between shareholders
  • Sin-Bat Singapore
Courier business between Singapore and Batam
  • Chye Lian Huat Sawmill
Shareholder dispute involving investigations and other allegations
  • Daily Express Distribution & Shipping Pte Ltd
Courier business
  • Circular Air Con. Pte Ltd
Air-conditioning and Engineering
  • Venus Hotel Pte Ltd
Hotel ownership and management

6. Valuations of Companies for Merger and Acquisitions and Specific Purposes

  • Undisclosed
Specific purposes performed include valuations for share buyouts, divorce proceedings etc.


7. Investigations

  • Undisclosed
Investigated into industries such as cigarette (Kretek) manufacturing, engineering, logistics, shipping, sanitary wares and timber plantations

8. Forensic, Investigations and Examinations

Keppel Club
Investigating into embezzlement of $37 million by an employee of a golf club
Chain of mobile vendors
Investigating into suspicious outflow of funds and accounting entries

9. Notable Appointers

  • City Development Pte Ltd, Boustead Group, EDB Investments, Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), OCBC Bank, DBS Ltd, Small-Medium Enterprises and other family-owned businesses.